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Sharm-al-Icona Int`l Airport

Welcome to the Sharm-al-Icona Int `l airport,

our airport is the only international airport in our emirate Icona. It is placed a few kilometres to the north of our capital Sharm-al-Icona. At 2/15/2009 the UniQ alliance by the state government received the order to take over the running business of our international airport. Since that time the removal of the airport is sped up with big strain. We inform about the topical construction progress  on the underside "news from Icona airport" with pleasure.
Yours sincerely

airport management

Satellite-picture of the airport

Current overview of Terminal 3

Local time at the airport  
Billigflüge Spanien
Fantasy-Airport and Fantasy-State  
  ATTENTION !!!!! With this Homepgae it concerns the representation of a model airport in the graduation 1:500. Also the island state ICONA is fictitious! We ask this to follow!
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