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Air Icona - The Flagcarrier


Air Icona is the state airline of the Arab Emirate of the Icona islands. The enterprise was founded in 2008. Job of the Airline is to develop the international air traffic in and from the emirate of the Icona islands. Air Icona is the most important airline of the Air Icona Group which is based in Sharm al Icona. It operates flights around the globe flying as an full service legacy carrier. The airlines flagship, the magnificent Airbus A380, is equiped in an 4-class configuration.
In the following we introduce to you the Airline briefly in figures and facts:



ICAO-Code:     AIC
Callsign:    Redicona
Start of operations:     2008
Headquarter:   Sharm-al-Icona Int'l Airport
Hub: Sharm-al-Icona Int'l Airport
Company:    Airline under private ownership
(v. Stenzdorf Holding Intl.)
Number of employees:
Revenue:  3,48 Billion IC-Dir (2018)
Profit: 1,89 Billion IC-Dir (2018)
Passengers: 8,954,148 (2018)
Alliance: UNIQ
Frequent flyer program:
Current Fleet:    
- 2 Airbus A318-100 (100 seats)
- 6 Airbus A320-200 (156 seats
- 6 Airbus A321-200 (202 seats
- 3 Airbus A330-200 (251 seats
- 5 Airbus A330-300 (297 seats
- 4 Airbus A340-300 (
297 seats)
- 3 Airbus A340-500 (240 seats
- 3 Airbus A340-600 (316 seats
- 6 Airbus A380-800 (495 seats)
- 2 Boeing 777-300 ER (370 seats

Total: 40 aircrafts
On Order:  - Airbus A220-300
- Airbus A320 NEO
- Airbus A321 NEO
- Airbus A330-900 NEO
- Airbus A350-900
- Airbus A350-1000
- Airbus A380-800
- Boeing 777-300 ER

- Boeing 777-9
Destinations:    Europe, Africa, Middle East, Asia, America, Australia

The fleet of Air Icona at Sharm-al-Icona Int´l Airport in 2011

Various pictures of the current
Air Icona & Air Icona Shuttle Fleet:

The mighty Airbus A380 marks the flagship of Air Icona

Modern short haul and medium haul fleet. All Air Icona aircrafts are equiped with internet access

Used on routes with higher capacity needs: Air Icona's Boeing 777-300ER

Resting in the warm evening sun: Air Icona Airbus A340-500 after a flight from Melbourne.
Local time at the airport  
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  ATTENTION !!!!! With this Homepgae it concerns the representation of a model airport in the graduation 1:500. Also the island state ICONA is fictitious! We ask this to follow!
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