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Welcome to the Icona-Website

The Arab Emirate Icona... 

is located in the north-east Red Sea in front of the coast of Saudi Arabia. All year round here is bath weather. Since 2008 we are a democratic emirate, after the time of the socialist republic finished. His Royal Highness Emir Hamad ibn Hussein Abdallah is the governing regent. The government is exercised by the parliament elected for the first time in 2008 and the prime minister Sheikh Achmed ibn Dschasim Al Thani. On this homepage we introduce our state as an all-year holiday paradise. Our country is to be reached by the airport in our capital of Sharm-al-Icona and our flagcarrier AIR ICONA very well.

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Billigflüge Spanien
Fantasy-Airport and Fantasy-State  
  ATTENTION !!!!! With this Homepgae it concerns the representation of a model airport in the graduation 1:500. Also the island state ICONA is fictitious! We ask this to follow!
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  CORSAIRFLY is coming!

Soon there will be some new Destinations with CORSAIRFLY. Check it!
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